Sustainable Supply Chain Consulting

Agilistics offers general supply chain consulting. We differentiate ourselves by offering clients a full project life cycle solution. This approach offers the client the peace of mind that comes with a service that manages the entire change management cycle.


Agilistics has a collective experience base of over 80 years within the supply chain sector. Agilistics Solutions can offer a range of resources from the support consultant capable of completing basic analysis and reporting through to the senior consultant capable of completing the most demanding strategic corporate requirements. All consultants have solid practical experience, with a minimum 10-years in industry - a key selection criteria for all staff.

Case Studies

Case 1: A major tool manufacturer moved into a new facility. The task required Agilistics to design, implement and install the new facility. Installation occurred on time and within budget and included the implementation of advanced materials handling, optimised pick paths and advanced inventory management techniques.

Case 2: A small cosmetics company experiencing high levels of growth moved into a new facility. Agilistics supported the move by completing a detailed analysis of the operation and recommended strategies that allowed them to move into the new facility with a minimum of fuss whilst providing a path to manage the ongoing growth.

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