Agilistics offers a dedicated research function. It evolved as part of the overall business in response to the needs of some specific Agilistics Clients. Agilistics Research is constantly evolving, utilising sound, proven methodologies gained from studies conducted throughout Australia and around the globe.  It conducts research into areas as diverse as greedy, hungry and heuristic algorithms through to sector, industry and individual company investigations.


Agilistics has a vast range of experience in both the logistics, transport and supply chain sectors.  We offer a range of resources from the junior researcher capable of completing basic analysis and research through to the senior academic researcher capable of completing the most demanding and complex research.  This knowledge is well grounded with practical experience a key selection criteria for all staff.

Case Studies

Case 1:The client was a major financial institution that was investigating a possible capital share in a major participant within the logistics sector. Agilistics was able to provide the client with specific information relating to the placement of the target company within the sector and the key strengths and weaknesses.

Case 2: The client required an investigation into the development of an advanced model that effectively measured constraints within a distribution process (system) and a larger supply chain. The research included an investigation into the inputs, variables and outputs from a complex distribution network.

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