Agilistics believes strongly in the Human Capital component of any business. We support the logistics and supply chain sectors specifically offering a range of services. These include recruitment, contract management, organisational change and psychometric testing. Agilistics is different to any other provider of recruitment services in that it has a vast range of experience in the sector from a practical perspective and can bring that to bear in the recruitment task. This is highlighted in the different ways that Agilistics have approached tasks in the past. These include providing long-term contractors in a managed facility environment through to a direct fee based placement.


Agilistics has a vast array of experience interviewing, selecting and placing candidates into a range of positions. Agilistics also has an extensive database of candidates in various industries within the sector combined with exceptional market intelligence. The greatest strength however is our practical understanding of all jobs within the wider sector. This allows Agilistics and the client to very quickly come to an understanding of what the position entails, the salary expectation and the potential candidates that may fill the role.

Case Studies

Case 1: A major State Government body in the tourism sector required a new General Manager to run its retail operations. The position needed to be filled carefully and within the bounds of an existing structure. Agilistics completed the recruitment process as part of an overall strategy that delivered a sustainable change.

Case 2: A key long-term client required the services of a contract manager to complete an implementation project. Agilistics placed an Agilistics Employee with the client on a long-term basis to install the changes within the larger scope of the project. This offered the client the peace of mind knowing that the Agilistics staff member would be supervised by Agilistics to achieve a range of defined outcomes.

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