Information Technology

Agilistics is able to offer support and insight into key supply chain IT requirements. Services include:

  • Detailed data analysis
  • advanced modelling
  • software assessment and
  • installation and software development.

Agilistics can manage tasks from simple network reviews through to development of specific software applications in .NET or web based platforms. Clients have utilised Agilistics on an hourly, daily, weekly or project basis to complete a range of tasks. The Agilistics approach is to clear the “techno babble” and deal with IT issues in a clear and practical way - being practical yet flexible in our approach to all tasks.


Agilistics Infrastructure expertise includes:

  • project management from inception to implementation
  • software development including commercialising the product, Licence Agreements and value assessment
  • advanced modelling utilising heuristics and other algorithm types
  • advanced data analysis
  • effectively working with SQL, NET, HTML and a vast array of purpose built software.

Agilistics is the authorised implementation arm of Sidewinder Real Time Optimisation™ a software package developed in Australia specifically for the transport sector.

Case Studies

Case 1:A large grocery wholesaler was participating in an extensive tender response to a major supermarket chain. As part of the overall process a range of issues were included in an extensive computer based model, developed by Agilistics Infrastructure. The output from this was specifically used to identify the constraints within the proposed distribution plan.

Case 2: A niche provider of elevator equipment had an issue with its network and systems operation. Agilistics reviewed the overall network operation including staffing, network operation and software applications listing a range of changes that would not only improve performance but accommodate future growth.

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