Agilistics Have the Following Core Beliefs:
1.Agilistics believe in developing client centred partnerships. We see clients as whole systems and encourage our clients to see the same. We are clear that our clients have the capacity to grow and position ourselves as guides or partners, not experts. We see our clients as responsible for the outcomes but in partnership with Agilistics.

2.Agilistics believes in sharing knowledge openly and freely and believes that to be effective this knowledge must be applied in real time. Further wherever possible this knowledge will be transferred enhancing the wisdom of the client.

3.Agilistics sees the quality of character its staff demonstrates as a catalyst for transformation and learning. We believe that this is a key differentiator and actively work to develop this within our staff.

Agilistics began in 2002 in response to a perceived lack of responsive customer focused consulting businesses. Its focus was supply chain consulting and the delivery of outcomes for a small but defined group of clients. Customers liked the service offered by Agilistics and soon word began to spread of the specialised service and commitment from Agilistics.

The business grew rapidly in 2005 with a number of service-orientated arms of the business developing. Firstly Agilistics People quickly followed by Agilistics Infrastructure and Agilistics Research. Agilistics Managed Supply Chains™ was spun off from the original Solutions or consulting side of the business after the two began to offer clients distinctly different services. Agilistics Risk Management was the final part of the business to be developed in late May 2005.

All divisions under the Agilistics Group umbrella offer a unique service not currently offered within the sector. The aim is to offer the client a level of service and insight that has intrinsic value. Each arm of the business is staffed by dedicated professionals with both practical and theoretical experience. The Agilistics Group is growing with new staff joining the business regularly. The management of Agilistics actively support the sector and work in voluntary capacities on a number of boards and panels. They also believe strongly in young people coming into the sector and work in mentoring roles for a range of individuals.

Agilistics vision is to be the first of choice in out sourced supply chain functions. Agilistics will do this by offering high levels of personalised service to a select range of clients in a range of industries.

The future for Agilistics is bright. It will continue to offer the same consulting services envied by its competitors whilst at the same time continuing to grow its extended business. Agilistics will continue to serve both large and small clients all over Australia and South East Asia.

bgl1 Agilistics Supply Chain Management Consulting Services  
Agilistics Consulting Service
Agilistics offers general supply chain consulting.
We differentiate ourselves by offering clients a
full project life cycle solution.
bgl1 Project Logistics  
Project Logistics Australasia
Project Logistics Australasia is dedicated to the
effective delivery of projects from the relocation
and consolidation of a distribution network.
bgl1 Independent Racking Inspections and 
Audits (Australasia)  
Independent Racking Inspections and
Audits (Australasia)

Independent Racking Inspections and Audits reduce
the risk associated with the safe management of
your steel pallet racking.
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