Benchmark Study

Agilistics Benchmark Study Report SampleThe purpose of this study is to produce a Victorian-wide benchmarking report on logistics processes.  The results of the study will assist businesses to understand which areas of logistics require support.

The study also aims to help Victorian companies enhance their own logistics chains by allowing organizations to move from their “benchmarked value” to a desired value. Companies will receive a number of benefits from participating in the study including:

  • An individually tailored report comparing your company’s logistics processes with the benchmarks determined by the study and
  • a self help guide to assist participants to improve their logistics chains, including templates and methodologies.

The information that participants provide in this study will remain confidential. No information will be released in a way that would identify any particular company.

Should you decide to participate in the study, your information would be collected via a phone interview at your convenience. The survey contains approximately 40 logistics chain related questions. This survey is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please click here to take part in the study.

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